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Alumni Spotlight
Sarah Minges - Junior @ Davidson

Playing field hockey this fall was an extremely rewarding experience after coming off an ACL injury. I was able to play in my first collegiate season as a rookie junior. After missing out on two seasons, where I encountered many challenges, I came back even stronger than before my injury. I learned a lot about who I am as a player, teammate and communicator which has allowed me to appreciate field hockey more than ever.


Off the field, I have really enjoyed my academics where I am pursuing a major in economics and minoring in data science. Attending a small liberal arts college has exposed me to a variety of classes where I have taken courses ranging from physics, economics and even theatre (I have no acting ability at all). I have greatly appreciated the academic and career mentors I have at Davidson who have aided in my interest in economics and introduced me to a relatively new study of data science.


Outside of field hockey, I am a member of the Connor eating house at Davidson which is the Davidson form of sororities. Connor house has a large philanthropy aspect to it and a long-term history of raising money and working alongside Bosom Buddies. We raise money to primarily spread awareness for early detection of breast cancer which is known as the Earlier Breast Cancer Test. Currently, we are concentrating our efforts on the upcoming Bosom Buddies Gala on April 1st. If you are interested in learning more about Bosom Buddies please visit this link: https://earlierorg.salsalabs.org/bosombuddies2023/index.html.

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This summer we had several interns from different high schools join us to help Ambush get better with every idea, project and coaching assignment they had participated in! These interns joined us from June to August participating in projects around The Attic as well as helping coach camps at both our indoor and outdoor locations. They helped assist us with facility management getting The Attic organized, cleaned up and even painted the locker room with our Ambush logo. They managed the Ambush store by taking inventory of clothes, setting up the store front at the indoor location and getting clothes orders together for pickup. On our website you can see the player profile page that our interns worked on this summer to highlight the accomplishments of our athletes both on and off the field. They helped coach our youth camps and were great role models for our future field hockey stars this summer. 


The 2022 Ambush Summer Interns:

Lily Adair

Claire Casey

Lauren Chotard

Olivia Crowe

Lucy Curtis

Emily Eaton

Molly Haskell

Caroline Krisko

Lauren Proicou

Virginia Olin


A quote from Lauren Chotard:

“This summer, I had fun learning how to work the Ambush website and figured out how to set up an event along with all the work that goes into it. I loved painting and had a great time putting up the Ambush logo on the wall in the entrance with the other interns even though it took awhile to put up the tape. At the summer camp, I got to engage with a lot of first-time field hockey players and had fun playing competitive games and coming up with cheers together. My favorite part was getting to know the other interns better over the weeks I was there and brainstorming ideas with them. I loved interning at Ambush and looked forward to it every day.”


We want to thank all of our summer interns for all the hard work you did and helping with all of the projects you completed this summer.

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Let's continue to celebrate our community with a highlight and support of Alumni Emma Goldean!

Emma is the first 3-time team captain of the Ohio State Field Hockey team. She has a ton of awards and accolades for sports but Ambush is most proud of her academic career and the work she does in her spare time with children at the medical clinic she works at and Samaritan's Feet International.

With the new opportunities with NLI's, Emma has create a unique relationship to support Samaritan's Feet through her NLI.

Samaritan's Feet provides shoes for underprivileged children and Emma’s goal is to provide 25,000 pairs of shoes to children in Ohio and other markets around the Big 10. She just launched this program this fall season and you can watch her journey "Off The Turf" in the YouTube video linked below:

After you see the video – let Ambush know if you would like more information on the charity. If you are interested – the link below has a landing page that allows you to donate to the charity.
Donation Link:

Join us on March 22 at Marion Diehl Park – small turf from 5-6pm for our FREE Boys try it day.

Queens University and Ambush came together to officially dedicate Bessant Field.