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Let's continue to celebrate our community with a highlight and support of Alumni Emma Goldean!

Emma is the first 3-time team captain of the Ohio State Field Hockey team. She has a ton of awards and accolades for sports but Ambush is most proud of her academic career and the work she does in her spare time with children at the medical clinic she works at and Samaritan's Feet International.

With the new opportunities with NLI's, Emma has create a unique relationship to support Samaritan's Feet through her NLI.

Samaritan's Feet provides shoes for underprivileged children and Emma’s goal is to provide 25,000 pairs of shoes to children in Ohio and other markets around the Big 10. She just launched this program this fall season and you can watch her journey "Off The Turf" in the YouTube video linked below:

After you see the video – let Ambush know if you would like more information on the charity. If you are interested – the link below has a landing page that allows you to donate to the charity.
Donation Link: