About Our Club

Ambush is an affiliate USFHA Club and it's Director Miki Osherow serves as the Chair of the Club Advisory Task Force.

Charlotte Ambush Field Hockey Club is a non-profit organization designed to support the development of young athletes and promote the growth of field hockey in North and South Carolina with a three-pronged approach:

Elite Coaching and College Recruiting Support/Counseling:


Our programs offer elite-level coaching with a focus on the whole athlete. In addition to advanced skills development, we train athletes on the whole game including field vision, game strategy, teamwork and fitness.

Our teams compete in all the major national and regional tournaments with a recent 2nd place finish in our 2014 Festival pool and defeat of a #1 ranked WC Eagles team. We also had a 2012 10th place finish at the National Club Championships, Gold and Bronze Medals at the Disney Field Hockey Showcase and past top placements in Festival pools and other tournaments.

Our College Recruiting Support Program is a full-service program that walks the athletes through the entire process. We have helped place 40 athletes in college programs since our start in 2008, including 20 in Division I programs.


Youth Development:


Our coaching staff has the most experienced youth coaches in North Carolina. Our programs are created to teach a passion for the sport in a fun-loving environment. The goal of Ambush Youth programs is to teach skill, vision and understanding for the sport in a positive atmosphere. We created the first-ever rec leagues and skills clinics in Charlotte. These programs run in all seasons of the year. In addition, we take these young athletes to tournaments around the state where they can gain valuable playing experience.


Community Development:


Our passion for the sport and love for the community that is created by field hockey athletes, teams and families, has led Charlotte Ambush to work hard to spread the knowledge of the game. We partner with local schools and rec programs to introduce young men and women to the sport of field hockey. These partnerships include teaching free PE classes, teach the teacher programs, and creation of after-school clinics and teams. We have partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and USFHA Fundamental Field Hockey program to teach CMS Teachers how to teach the sport and provide free equipment to all participants. In addition, we act as the athletic department for middle and high school club teams. Go to the Club Offerings link for a complete list of playing and learning opportunities.