Frequently Asked Questions - Travel Teams


What is the difference between Elite & Select?
Elite is our highest level of training & travel with 2-3 days a week of practice or playdays with more regional and national travel opportunities.  

Select is a 1-3 day a week commitment with less travel travel options and more in state opportunities.  The goal of select is to provide an introduction to a higher level of training and pace of the game.  Also, it allows you to see the competitive travel level and decide if you'd like to commit to that level of training. 


How are the teams structure? New for 2020/2021.  Click here to see Ambush Evolving 2020 details.
Teams this year will be based on tournament availability.  Athletes will be placed in training groups of 10-12 based on skill.  Teams will be made for local playdays, intraclub playdays and tournaments. 


Can I make teammate requests for Elite and Select?
No.  We believe strongly in the family concept and pushing young athletes to learn how to make new friends and be outside of their comfort zone.  These little challenges have proved for our athletes to be great benefits in life lessons and helping them create communities outside of their "standard" environments.


What if I tryout for ELITE and don't make it?
Your Elite tryout will be taken into consideration for placement in Select.  FOR 2020/2021 - we will not hold stand tryouts during COVID.  It will be an application/evlautation process depending on the status of COVID at the time.  Here is the link for details.


Can I indicate that I only want to play SELECT (less days and travel commitment)?
YES, during registration you will have the opportunity to indicate your level of commitment.

Is there an option for SELECT or ELITE training somewhere other than at Bessant Field?
ELITE is ONLY at Bessant Field.  Bessant Field is a world-class turf field that Division I programs play on.  Our Elite athletes need to be training on this surface.

SELECT trains at Bessant Field and has the option for our SOUTH location - at Elon Park or Matthews SportsPlex.


What are the season for travel teams?
Our Elite and Select Training is a 6 month program: December - May.  You can pay monthly and have the option to pause your membership throughout the year if you have another commitment during certain seasons.


Are local playdays required?
We understand everyone has other commitments in their lives, but we ask that our members treat local playdays like regular season games.  These are the competitive opportunities we have created internally for your athlete to test their skills and also learn how to compete.


What is your tournament policy?
All of our tournaments in the 2020/2021 season are optional.  We will communicate the specifics of tournaments on an individual basis, meaning the goals of each tournament will differ depending on if it is a showcase tournament or a club "finishing" tournament.  All members are expected to choose to attend a tournament with Ambush if we are offering the opportunity to attend.  We encourage you to attend other tournaments on a house team or as a guest IF we are not attending said tournament.  We ask that you communicate those plans with us in advance to confirm we are not offering the same opportunity.

What is the plan for INDOOR in 2020/2021.
As of October 1, 2020.  We are waiting to hear plans from tournament hosts.  Most people are cutting back on indoor this season due to COVID.  INDOOR tournaments will be provided as an option to our training program this season if tournaments are held.   


What if I play a school sport and cannot attend all practices?
We encourage multi-sport athletes and understand the lives of student-athletes are very busy.  We ask that you commit to the Ambush team practices, but if you want to play a school sport, we will work with you to arrange makeups when possible or excused absences for a school sport.  Communication is the most important!  Let us know your intentions early and your schedules as soon as you know them.


What if I want to play in the rescheduled COVID public school season in Spring 2021 (April/May)?
We encourage you to do both.  We will continue with our spring Ambush season and will look at the NCFHA public school season as another spring sport like soccer or lax would be normally in the spring.  We plan to hold practices in later evenings so not to conflict, but we will work with you as we would with multi-sport athletes.


What are the age group deadlines for 2020/2021:

U12 (2009, 2010, 2011 birth years)
U14 (2007, 2008 birth years)
U16 (2005, 2006 birth years)
U19 (2004, 2003, 2002 birth years)


When does Ambush travel as a team and when are parents required to take kids.
For the 2020/2021 season, all events will be PARENT travel events.  Ambush will not be chaperoning travel events this season.


What is NOT Included in my select team fee?

    • Required USFHA Membership - $60
    • Ambush Uniform - $125 (link to order)
    • Optional Spiritwear
    • Travel, Hotel, Food & Incidentals for Travel Tournaments 
    • Additional Skills Sessions, private lessons, camps or clinics.


Are payment plans or scholarships available?
Payment Plans and Scholarships are available. For consideration, please email prior to the tryouts for your season.


How does Ambush help with college recruiting?

  • Seminars on how to get started with a checklist.
  • FREE NCSA profile ($500+ value) which provides an online profile, educational tools, tracking tools that tell you when you have been viewed, college search tools and more.
  • Workshops with coaches prior to recruiting tournaments.
  • Consulting with our staff throughout the process (please note, a lot of clubs charge $60-$100 per hour)
  • Emails to all college coaches, from Ambush prior to large events
  • Recommendations and conversations with college coaches when appropriate.


What equipment is required for indoor?  



Left & Right Hand Glove 

Indoor Stick 

Sneakers are worn for indoor (this game is played on sportcourt)

Aerial Field Hockey,