Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding SPRING 2024 Travel Teams


What is the difference between Elite, Elite Prep & Academy?
Elite is our highest level of training & travel with 2-3 days a week of practice or playdays with more regional and national travel opportunities.

We will have an Elite Prep Team in each age group this spring as well. These teams will travel to 1-2 events in NC. They will have 1 day a week of practice and play in intra-club games.

Academy is a 1-2 day a week commitment with NO travel.  The goal of Academy is to provide an introduction to a higher level of training and pace of the game.  Academy teams will play intra-club league games

How will Ambush travel team programming help my young athlete develop?
Ambush has a structured development program that our coaches follow which focuses on specific individual and team tactical skills we want to see our Ambush athletes master.  Attached here is a guide to the key Ambush focus areas and development goals based on age.

How are the teams structured? 

U19 Camo - Bessant Field - 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U19 Raid - Bessant Field- 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U19 South - Elon Park -- 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U16 Tankers - Bessant Field - 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U16 Defenders - Bessant Field - 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U16 Crew - Elon Park - 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U14 Cavalry - Bessant Field - 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U14 Flyers - Bessant Field - 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members
U14 Sailors - Elon Park- 11v11 Team - 15-17 team members

U12 Choas - Bessant Field - 7v7 Team - 10 team members
U12 Spiders - Bessant Field - 7v7 Team - 10 team members

What additional training opportunities are there?
Small Groups for Elite athletes will be offered.  You can sign up for them during team registration.  There will be 12 small group sessions.  The cost will be $300.


Can I make teammate requests for Elite?
No.  We believe strongly in the family concept and pushing young athletes to learn how to make new friends and be outside of their comfort zone.  These little challenges have proved for our athletes to be great benefits in life lessons and helping them create communities outside of their "standard" environments.


What if I tryout for ELITE and don't make it?
If you tryout for ELITE and are not selected for a team, you can sign up for the Academy program.  Since academy space fills quickly, we encourage all families to register for Academy and if you make an Elite team we will apply that registration to your Elite team fees.


Are playdays, games and travel events required?
We understand everyone has other commitments in their lives, but we ask that our members treat all events as mandatory.  Participation in club athletics is a great opportunity for families to work with their young athletes on time management.  Academics are obviously first priority, however they are not an excuse for missing training.  Help your athlete plan ahead so that practices, games and travel events can be managed in their schedule.

What if I play a school sport and cannot attend all practices?
We encourage multi-sport athletes and understand the lives of student-athletes are very busy.  We ask that you commit to the Ambush team practices, but if you want to play a school sport, communication is the most important!  Let us know your intentions early and your schedules as soon as you know them.

What are the age group deadlines for 2024:

U12 - 2012-2013.
U14 - 2010, 2011.
U16 - 2008 - 2009.
U19 - 2007-2005.


When does Ambush travel as a team and when are parents required to take kids.
All events will be PARENT travel events.  Ambush will not be chaperoning travel events this season.


What is NOT Included in my team fee?

    • Required USFHA Membership - $88
    • Elite teams only - Ambush Uniform - $160 - Orders will be taken during team registration
    • Optional Spiritwear
    • Travel, Hotel, Food & Incidentals for Travel Tournaments 
    • Additional Skills Sessions, private lessons, camps or clinics.


Are payment plans or scholarships available?
Payment Plans and Scholarships are available. Payment plans are an option during registration. For scholarship consideration, please email prior to the tryouts for your season.


How does Ambush help with college recruiting?

  • Seminars on how to get started with a checklist.
  • Workshops with coaches prior to recruiting tournaments.
  • Consulting with our staff throughout the process
  • Emails to all college coaches, from Ambush prior to large events
  • Recommendations and conversations with college coaches when appropriate.


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