Frequently Asked Questions - Travel Teams


What is the difference between Select & Select Development?
Select is our highest level of training & travel with 2-3 days a week of practice or games.  Select Development is a 1-3 day a week commitment with less travel.  The goal of select development is to provide an introduction to a higher level of training and pace of the game.  Also, it always you to see the competitive travel level and decide if you'd like to commit to that level of training. 


What if I tryout for Select and don't make it?
New this year- you can choose to tryout for Select or Select Development only.  If you tryout for select and don't make it, then you will be invited to the follow up Select Development tryouts.


Do I have to try out for Select if I really only want Select Development?
No, we are offering for the first time, tryouts for Select Development only.  So you can choose if you are not able to commit to the training or travel for Select, you can choose to only tryout for Select Development.


What are the season for travel teams

  • Winter INDOOR Select and Select Development
  • Spring OUTDOOR Select and Select Development
  • Optional Tournaments through out the winter, spring and summer for Select and Select Development athletes.


Do I have to do both INDOOR & OUTDOOR to be a Select athlete.


What is the commitment level for a select team member?
At tryouts, , you will be asked to sign a team contract form asking you to indicate your commitment to attend all applicable team activities  You will commit to attending practices 2 times per week between November and end of February/beginning of March depending on your team. Please review the practice schedule.  To the best of your ability, you will commit to attend all tournaments scheduled. Additional training/scrimmages can be scheduled as tournament time nears.  


What if I play a school sport and cannot attend all practices?
We encourage multi-sport athletes and understand the lives of student-athletes are very busy.  We ask that you commit to the Ambush team practices, but if you want to play a school sport, we will work with you to arrange makeups when possible or excused absences for a school sport.  Communication is the most important!  Let us know your intentions early and your schedules as soon as you know them.


What if I cannot attend a required tournament - can I still be in the program?
All conflicts are reviewed on an individual basis and should be brought to the Program Heads attention prior to tryouts or as soon as possible.


What are the age group deadlines:

If player is 10 or 11 on December 31, 2018 = U12 (2007, 2008, 2009 birth years)
If player is 12 or 13 on December 31, 2018 = U14 (2005, 2006 birth years)
If player is 14 or 15 on December 31, 2018 = U16 (2004, 2003 birth years)
If player is 16 or 17 or 18 on December 31, 2018 = U19 (2002, 2001, 2000 birth years)


What is included in my Select Team Fee?

    • On average - 2-3 days a week of training, local games and tournament fees.  Some additional tournament fees may apply if you make certain level teams.
    • Shorts, one long sleeve t-shirt, one short sleeve t-shirt reversible pinnie
    • College recruiting workshops
    • Introductory College Recruiting counseling
    • Communication with College coaches prior to recruiting tournaments and as applicable
    • Free Online Recruiting Profile and Video Links through NCSA and all of the elite member services that are offered through NCSA.  This is a $500+ value offered to you for free as an Ambush SELECT team member.
    • Access to Ambush endorsed coaches for private and semi-private lessons
    • Performance Training with a Certified Athletic Trainer
    • Teambonding and Mental Toughness Programming
    • On-site security at the ATTIC
    • Goal Keeper Specific Training Sessions
    • No separate membership fee. Team fees include previous fee known as team membership fee.


When does Ambush travel as a team and when are parents required to take kids.
Most Select tournaments require a parent or parent chaperone to take kids to tournaments.  The optional Top Recruit tournament is team travel by airfare and some regional indoor tournaments are team travel by bus.  You will be notified of which is parent travel or which is team travel when you receive your schedule.  All U14 and U12 travel events are parent/parent chaperone travel.

What is NOT Included in my select team fee?

    • Required USFHA Membership - $60
    • Ambush Uniform - $95
    • Optional Spiritwear
    • Travel, Hotel, Food & Incidentals for Travel Tournaments (some bus transportation provided to certain regional tournaments)
    • Additional Skills Sessions, private lessons, camps or clinics.

Are payment plans or scholarships available?
Payment Plans and Scholarships are available. For consideration, please email prior to the tryouts for your season.


How does Ambush help with college recruiting?

  • Seminars on how to get started with a checklist.
  • FREE NCSA profile (500+ value) which provides an online profile, educational tools, tracking tools that tell you when you have been viewed, college search tools and more.
  • Workshops with coaches prior to recruiting tournaments.
  • Consulting with our staff throughout the process (please note, a lot of clubs charge $60-$100 per hour)
  • Emails to all college coaches, from Ambush prior to large events
  • Recommendations and conversations with college coaches when appropriate.

What equipment is required for indoor?  



Left & Right Hand Glove 

Indoor Stick 

Sneakers are worn for indoor (this game is played on sportcourt)

Aerial Field Hockey,