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Commitment: N/A
Grade Year: 2024
Position: Defense/Mid
High School: Covenant Day School

Personal Statement: 

Hi! My name is Emily Eaton. I am in the Class of 2024 and my goal is to play field hockey in college. I have been playing field hockey since 6th grade and it has been the sport I have fallen in love with. While I also have played softball and swam, I love everything about field hockey from the speed of the game, the competitiveness, the team bond, practices, games, and travel tournaments. I love it all. One of my favorite things about the sport is how there is always something that one can improve on, whether it's building off of a basic skill, or learning a new trick. These are just some things that have grown my passion for the sport and to play field hockey in college. I could really benefit the team with my desire to play. I make sure that in each game and practice I play, I put in my best effort, and make sure that I learn from my mistakes. Although I am constantly being moved through all of the midfield and defense positions, I can play in any position that you place me and am able to adapt to changes quickly. This requires me to be constantly thinking on the field making good decisions for the benefit of my team's success. In school, I am extremely diligent in my studies and push myself to be the best I student I can, making sure to manage my time so that I am successful in the classroom and on the field. All in all, I am a devoted scholar-athlete who will be a suitable fit for your program and who will provide you with everything I have to be successful

Field Hockey Experience:

Selected for Nexus Nationals
Selected for Junior Olympics
Max Field Hockey Top 100 2024
1st Team All-Conference
1st Team All-State
Coaches Award
Varsity Starter

Ranked Top 50- Class of 2024 (Max Field Hockey)
Selected for Nexus Nationals 2022
Selected for u16 Rise Nexus Nationals
NIF Pool A Winner
u19 NIT
u19 RCCs

GPA: 3.75