Getting Started

We welcome those new to the sport and encourage all efforts to “grow the game” in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Never Played Before?

You've done our leagues and are ready for more of a challenge?

NEW to Charlotte?

What schools have field hockey?

I'm an adult who wants to get involved.

What equipment do I need?

  • Email if you are interested in...
    • playing in our pick up adult games.
    • Coaching a rec league team.
    • Coaching a travel team.
    • Umpiring.
    • Volunteering
  • Beginner's need mouth guard and shin guards.  You can borrow sticks at our clinics and camps, but will need your own stick when you're ready for our leagues.
  • Turf Shoes - we recommend turf shoes versus cleats since cleats or NOT allowed on Bessant Field - our world-class water-based turf field.
  • Indoor?  - You need gloves and an indoor stick.
  • Interscholastic Team? - Don't forget goggles for the school season.
  • Visit for all equipment needs.  This is run by an Ambush family and the know the most about field hockey specific equipment.