Getting Started

We welcome those new to the sport and encourage all efforts to “grow the game” in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Never Played Before?

  • Try a Beginner Clinic
  • Jump right into a league - it's okay.
  • Play for your school in the fall season.
  • Connect us with your PE Teacher - we will come to your school.
  • Email for general info.

You've done our leagues and are ready for more of a challenge?

NEW to Charlotte?

What schools have field hockey?

I'm an adult who wants to get involved.

What equipment do I need?

  • Beginner's need mouth guard and shin guards.  You can borrow sticks at our clinics and camps, but will need your own stick when you're ready for our leagues.
  • Turf Shoes - we recommend turf shoes versus cleats since cleats or NOT allowed on Bessant Field - our world-class water-based turf field.
  • Indoor?  - You need gloves and an indoor stick.
  • Interscholastic Team? - Don't forget goggles for the school season.
  • Visit for all equipment needs.  This is run by an Ambush family and the know the most about field hockey specific equipment.