Private Lessons and Small Group Training 

Work with an approved Ambush trainer to take your game to the next level.

Please note there are a lot of coaches who work with Ambush in different capacities.  It is important to understand that Ambush liability and insurance only covers activities approved and managed by Ambush.  If you are scheduling private or small group lessons through individual coaches who are NOT listed below, you or the coach will NOT be covered by Ambush insurance.


Lists and session sign up starting in Fall 2019.  Look out for email.  In meantime email to see if you are covered during lessons.


What does it mean for an Ambush coach to be an approved private lesson or small group trainer? Ambush approved trainers..

  • are current with their USFHA insurance,
  • have completed the USOC SafeSport Training,
  • are atleast Level I USFHA Coaching certified,
  • have coordinated field rental space through proper channels for insurance coverage.

I want to work with a coach who is not listed here. 

  • Email to see if the coach can be added.
  • Ask your trainer if he/she has separate insurance to cover your sessions.