Overtime is the hardwork that an athlete puts in to go above and beyond the standard training.  Overtime can be done at home on your own with 5-10 minutes of skills everyday, going out for an interval run on your own or reading an article about handling pressure.  These are all steps you can take on your own, but sometimes it is nice to work with your teammates to put in the extra work.  Find a clinic, camp, skills & conditioning session and more.


Yes -- the NEW ATTIC is officially open.  We are doing a slow launch in the ATTIC to get used to using this new space and make sure we are offering the best programming possible.  The New ATTIC will be the Ambush Training Center and the programming we offer will be focused on the WHOLE athlete.


In addition to field hockey programming, we are very excited to be working on partnerships with some of the best athletic trainers in town, athletic yoga instructors, sports psychologists and more!

Gari Scott