The mission of Charlotte Ambush is to “Grow the Game” of field hockey in the Charlotte Area. One way we have accomplished this is to partner with our local middle and high schools to provide interscholastic field hockey. Our goal with these teams is for the individual schools to eventually take over the program once it is sustainable. After recent discussions with the school administration, it was decided that the time has come for Holy Trinity to transition from an Ambush club team to an official Holy Trinity athletic team! Therefore, beginning fall of 2019 Holy Trinity will be a true school team – managed and coached by the Holy Trinity community. This is a super development for this program!


With this new development, we have closed registration for this team on the Ambush website. If you wish to register for the HTCMS team, please reach out to the HTCMS athletic department. If you have already registered with Charlotte Ambush, look for details from us soon about the transition and reimbursement. You will also see an email from HTCMS with details about the team and this transition.


Please direct any questions about the program to Coach Megan Deblitz –
General HTCMS sports information questions can be directed to Coach Chuttey –