Claire Casey 

Commitment: N/A
Grade Year: 2023
Position: Midfield/Defense
High School: Providence Day School

Personal Statement: 

As a young child, I played multiple sports, including gymnastics, soccer, basketball and the first all girls flag football team. Field hockey was unknown to me until 5th grade. I did camps and after school clubs and fell in love with the sport. I got into the Charlotte Ambush Field Hockey Club. I started at the bottom only doing rec leagues but slowly worked my way up to the top U14 outdoor team and now I am on the top U16 indoor team and heading to nationals. Not only do I love the physical sport of field hockey but I love the camaraderie with all of my teammates and working toward a shared goal. I have created many wonderful friendships throughout the years of my field hockey career. As I continue to improve and move up the ranks in my club and school field hockey, I have my eyes set on playing in college.

Field Hockey Experience:

Freshman Year:  Varsity team, 2nd Team All-Conference, State Runner-Ups

Sophomore Year: Varsity team, State Champs, and Conference Champs

Junior Year: Varsity Team, 2nd Team All-Conference, State Runner Ups

Club: Elite Outdoor Team 

- Top Recruit
- NCC's in 2019
- NIT’s, JPOL, RCC’s
- Festival tournament (Won Pool)
- Disney Tournament
- Small Training Groups

GPA: 4.3 (weighted) 

Academic Achievements: National Honor Society, Certificate of Achievement on the Introduction to Latin Exam, and High Honors/National Merit Latin Scholar