We are so excited to announce the official plans for our newly remodeled Indoor Facility.  We have signed a new lease at our current location that includes the upfit on the building.  The upfits will include new walls, roof, insulation, floor, ventilation, BATHROOMS and more!  

Construction is set to begin in April 2020 and estimated completion is August 2020!  We will be in basically a brand new facility for our 2020/2021 season.  

Our goal is to make this facility a premier training facility for Ambush.  Not only will we have improved facilities, but we will be offering new programming including additional indoor training programs, skills and performance academies and leadership programs.  In addition, we are looking to partner with other youth organizations in Charlotte to offer combined programming or rental space.  

As part of the transition, we are reaching out to our community to request your help!  Please consider one or more of the following ways to help:

  • Do you know someone in the youth sports or leadership world?  Send me their contact info. We would love to partner with youth organizations to develop a well-rounded youth community center.  Send me your ideas! 
  • Have experience with fundraising or sponsorships and want to offer some consulting time? Email me.
  • We are planning a Bring down the ATTIC clean up party on Sunday, March 29.  Volunteer your time!
  • Are you a licensed contractor and want to help with the interior upfit?  Let me know!
  • Have other ideas — we want to hear them! 


Bring down the ATTIC clean up party – Sunday, March 29.  Join us for this fun clean up and move out party. There will be a clean our sale by Aerial Field Hockey and Ambush.  We will have vintage gear, Swell bottles and more on sale. We will then have a celebration from 4-6! Keep an eye out for volunteer sign up and party RSVP. 

Thank you all again for your continued support of our club!  We look forward to this new Ambush adventure!


Thank you – 

Miki Osherow