Margaret Scheurer

Commitment: N/A
Grade Year: 2024
Position: Forward/Midfielder
High School: Charlotte Country Day

Personal Statement: 

My name is Margaret Scheurer and I have been playing field hockey since I was in 4th grade. I have played a lot of competitive sports, but field hockey has always been my favorite. I love the speed, the array of different skills, the team environment, and the critical thinking and situations. I want to play field hockey in college because I know I have not yet reached my peak and am excited to continue to improve and learn at a higher level.

On the field, I view myself as a player of grit and determination. I play with high speed and am always looking to make opportunities happen on the field. I have an attacking mindset, always looking for the goal, or how I can make the play to get the ball there. The game brings out my competitive spirit and growth mentality because I always find that I push myself hardest out on the field. I always try and work on one thing every time I go out to play, and I am always chipping away at the list of skills I want to improve.

I love playing with my school and club so I can bond with teammates in different grades, at different schools, and on different skill levels. I think that apart from the actual gameplay on the field, the most value I have found in field hockey is what it has taught me about myself, mentally and physically. Field hockey is definitely the toughest to master, and toughest physically out of all of the sports I have played.

When I am not running around on the field, I am usually in the classroom. I am a devoted student-athlete. Overall, I try to be well rounded between school, sports, and participating in my hobbies.

Field Hockey Experience:

1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-State, NC/USAFH All-Star Game (scored goal in 2-1 win), Offensive MVP 2022 High School; State Semifinalist

2nd Team All-Conference, Conference Champs, State Champs
Varsity Starter; 1st Team All-Conference,

Varsity Starter as a Freshman; Conference 2nd Place, State 2nd Place


GPA: 4.28 (weighted) 

Academic Achievements: National Honors Society, Aquillifers Academic and Service Club, 3 AP Courses